How to Pass Fiverr Skill Test in 2023(Cheat Sheet)

Fiverr Skill tests are very important for a Fiverr seller so if you want to pass a Fiverr skill with a high score then we have a cheatsheet for you. 

On Fiverr, some gig categories also require skill tests before creating the gig and it also impacts your Fiverr profile. Like if you have a graphic designing niche gig then you must need to pass the Adobe Photoshop skill test. It will help in ranking your Fiverr gig and also buyers will attract to your Fiverr profile. 


  • Each question has between 2 and 8 options, one or more may be correct.
  • There is no penalty for guessing if you don't know the answer; therefore, make sure you attempt all of the questions,
  • In order to pass, you will need to answer at least 60% of the questions correctly.
  • The clock timing of your test is located at the top of the test window.
  • This test is best viewed using Internet Explorer version 11.0 or higher or Mozilla Firefox 45.0 or higher or Google Chrome 48 or higher.
  • Questions will be displayed one at a time. A next button is provided at the bottom of the test page for navigating to the next question. Do not press the next button if you have not answered the question.
  • Once you have answered a question, you cannot go back and change your answer.
  • Do not use the shortcut menu options (mouse right-click) or the keyboard for navigating backward or forwards within the test.
  • There is a 1 day waiting period between test retakes. You can only take a test twice in a three months time window.

How to take a test?


Open a relevant skill test from the link below and start the Fiverr skill test. Just copy the question from the Fiverr skill test and search on it on the skill test cheat sheet page. Find the correct answer and mark it on the Fiverr skill test.

Here is the List of Fiverr Skill Test with Answers:

  1. HTML Fiverr Skill Test
  2. Customer Service Fiverr Skill Test
  3. Adobe Dreamweaver Fiverr Skill Test
  4. Adobe After Effect Fiverr Skill Test
  5. Adobe After Effect Fiverr Skill Test
  6. Adobe Illustrator Fiverr Skill Test
  7. Online Freelancing Essential Fiverr Skill Test
  8. Adobe Photoshop Fiverr Skill Test
  9. Analytical Test Fiverr Skill Test
  10. Microsoft Excel Fiverr Skill Test
  11. English Spelling Fiverr Skill Test
  12. Content Writing Fiverr Skill Test
  13. Social Media Marketing Fiverr Skill Test
  14. US Basic English Fiverr Skill Test
  15. Virtual Assistant Fiverr Skill Test
  16. Wordpress 5.1 Fiverr Skill Test
  17. Web Service Fiverr Skill Test
  18. SEO Test Fiverr Skill Test
  19. Wordpress Fiverr Skill Test

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