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Fiverr keyword research is very important if you want to create a new Gig or want to update the existing Gig. Low-competition keywords are very important for Gig ranking. With low competition, you can easily rank your Fiverr Gig.

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How important is Fiverr keyword research?

No doubt Fiverr keyword research is important for growing businesses or services. If you are an expert in any service like logo designing, content writing, and many others no matter. Because there is a big competition between them because Fiverr is a free platform. 

Fiverr allows you to create gigs for free. Before gig creation account creation is very mattered. and also In it which things you can add and which things you have to avoid this is very mattered. If you don’t know about your Fiverr profile and how to make a Fiverr account. which things do you have to add to your Fiverr gig? this way you can not convince buyers.  

First, we must know why Fiverr keyword research is important. Suppose you are creating a gig on logo designing and already 100000 gigs are available on Fiverr about this service. So it will take time for your turn to come. Because Fiverr scrolls your gigs every 24 hours and it is a good thing for Fiverr. When you are creating a gig on 100k keywords so it can take 2 months for your turn to reach. So to reduce this time we came up with one thing which is keyword research. When we are researching Fiverr keywords then we need to choose which keyword has low competition on Fiverr. This way we can get orders in a short time. Let’s try some tips to get low-competition gigs. 

Tip 1: Fiverr Keyword Research Tools

No doubt keyword research tools are very helpful for beginners. You can use keyword research tools for free to get more keyword ideas. Only you have to create an account focused on your keyword and select the country and hit the search button. After this tool will suggest you many keyword ideas you have to copy and check on Fiverr. 

You can use this free tool Fiverr keyword research for targeted keyword research and you will find many keyword ideas. 

It also allows the checking of keyword metrics. Here are the details of the metrics which you can check after keyword research. Keep in mind these metrics are very important. Like you can check competition against any keyword. Competition against a Fiverr Gig Keyword is very important. If there will be low competition then the chances of Gig ranking are very easy. 

There are some details that you can check against a keyword:

1. Total Gigs

After clicking on the button “Check Keyword Competition”. It will redirect to this page: and in the first section it will show basic information against this keyword. The total No. of Gigs are very important against a keyword. If there will be low Gigs then it means the competition will be low but if there will be high-rank gigs then also the competition will be high.

2. Total Online Sellers

If you know the number of online sellers then you can also estimate how long it will take you to receive your first order. This amazing tool also shows you how many people are working on this service. If there will be low numbers of online sellers then you can get orders early.

3. Seller Levels against your keyword

It also allows you to check the levels of sellers. As you can see it also shows you numbers of every level of the seller including pro sellers, top-rated sellers, level 2 sellers, level 1 sellers, and new sellers. you can see the numbers of total new sellers are 10453

Some more benefits this tool provides you as it will show relevant tags and also their numbers. you will see which country has more sellers of this service. 

4. Relevant tags 

Relevant tags are very important to rank your gig really awesome is this tool. that provides you with relevant tags

5. Top country list of the seller

If you know how many sellers in your country are working against your keyword so it is very easy for you to work on Fiverr. In it, you can estimate how much it will take time to get orders.

Tip 2: Use the Fiverr Search Bar

The Fiverr search bar is a good option to find low-competition Fiverr keyword research. Suppose you are able to write a job description and you are creating a gig on it. Only you have to search on a job description gigs as I have done it below in the photo. As you can see it has only 1143 services available. This way you can get orders early. If you want to get orders in very early no worries I will tell you the solution in tip number 3. 

Tip  3:  Use Space in Fiverr Search Bar

When you search keywords on the search bar of Fiverr. Suppose you are searching for a PowerPoint presentation and you will see this gig has big competition and you also want to work on it. So now you only have to write your keyword like “ppt” and after giving space type alphabet like “d” Fiverr will suggest you more keywords. This is very helpful for you. 

Tip: 4 Use Chrome Extensions

You can use the free extension “Keyword Everywhere” to collect more keyword ideas. Install chrome extension, you have to type any keyword on the search bar. You will find very short and long keywords. Copy and use them as per the method given above.

Note: if you follow these tips you can able to find low-competition keywords. You can also rank your gig and get orders fast.

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