Online Freelancing Essentials Be a Successful Fiverr Seller Test Answers 2023

Welcome to the comprehensive guide on mastering the art of online freelancing through the lens of Fiverr, the world’s leading platform for freelance services. In this guide, we will equip you with the essential knowledge and insights required to excel as a Fiverr seller in 2023.

The freelance landscape has undergone remarkable transformations in recent years, with Fiverr at the forefront of revolutionizing how individuals and businesses connect for specialized services. Whether you’re a seasoned freelancer looking to enhance your Fiverr presence or a newcomer eager to embark on this exciting journey, this guide is tailored to help you navigate the intricacies of the platform with confidence and proficiency.


Why is it necessary to take a test of Freelancing Essentials on Fiverr?


Taking the Freelancing Essentials Test on Fiverr is your fast track to credibility and success. Validate your skills, enhance your profile, and attract top-tier clients by showcasing your expertise in fundamental freelancing principles. Stay ahead in the competitive freelance landscape – ace the test and open doors to better opportunities on Fiverr.


Bellow is a list of All Latest Test Answers of Freelancing Essentials


What is a pain point of operations as a Freelancer that Fiverr helps alleviate?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Quarterly tax legal advice
  • B Constantly hunting for new work
  • C Personal accounting advice
  • D Yearly tax legal advice
Fiverr is like Amazon for [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Digital Services
  • B Trade Services
  • C Telecommunications
  • D Graphic Services
A major part of succeeding on Fiverr is effective [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Asking customers to leave 5-star reviews
  • B Communication
  • C Minimizing of Order costs
  • D Use of public WiFi
A service a Seller offers on Fiverr is called a [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A A Gig
  • B A Pitch
  • C A Sample
  • D An Offering
Any Buyer can respect a Seller who delivers on time and [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Constantly messages them to assure things will be done on time
  • B Oversells their services
  • C Values their work.
  • D Does an average job
On Fiverr, orders can be placed with [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Exchanging personal contact information
  • B A long waiting period
  • C Just one click
  • D A brief project examination

Quiz: Creating Your Fiverr Gigs

If you find that many Customers end up asking the same questions, you can provide standard answers in the [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Other Gigs you will create
  • B FAQ Section
  • C Seller profile
  • D Via E-Mail, outside of Fiverr.
Most Customers arrive to your Gig page via a keyword search—showing them only your Gig thumbnail, starting price, and [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Your personal contact info.
  • B The number of reviews
  • C A few extra images.
  • D All your Packages
When creating your Seller Profile, you want to provide information about yourself that is [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Overstating who you are
  • B Accurate and detailed
  • C Fictionalized to make you seem more appealing when compared to other Sellers
  • D Misleading so more people will buy from you
The best way to succeed on Fiverr when communicating with Customers is to [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Ask them to refer their friends
  • B Tell them how to contact you off-platform via E-mail
  • C Be personable and respectful
  • D Demand that they purchase immediately or else you can’t do the work.
When creating your Seller Profile, you want to list your top skills, professional experience, any notable clients, and [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Names of important relatives
  • B Your salary from last year
  • C Education and Certifications
  • D People you know who are famous
When creating your Seller Profile, a great Gig Extra where you complete an order quickly is [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Fast Delivery
  • B Limited Delivery
  • C The Low-Cost Package
  • D Less is More
Which of these answers is not found on your Gig Page?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Gig Description
  • B Gig Packages
  • C Package Extras
  • D A Creative Brief
The purpose of your Gig Description is to [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Answer why you’re the right Seller to fulfill a Buyer’s needs.
  • B Say that you normally work on way bigger projects, so this Buyer’s request should be easy for you.
  • C Communicate that you’re in high demand, so Customers should order immediately without thinking.
  • D Seem general and vague to make yourself look like an expert, even if you’re not.
When picking a Gig Image, simply find whatever suits your Gig best and copy the image.
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A TRUE

Quiz: Converting Customers & Managing Orders

Being proactive and communicating is a great way to stay on top of all your orders. What is the best tool that keeps all your orders organized?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A The Resolution Center
  • B The Messaging Platform
  • C The Fiverr Dashboard
  • D Customer Support
When responding to Buyer messages, what’s a great way to encourage further communication?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Use simple language.
  • B Use inviting words like ‘us’ and ‘together’.
  • C End your message with a question, or a sentence that asks for more info about the project.
  • D All of the above.
How can you take the lead with your Fiverr orders to make sure your Buyer has the best experience possible?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Tell each Customer that you need your space to work, and that they’ll hear from you when it’s convenient for you.
  • B Explain your workflow process, notify when Customers will receive updates, and give 100% effort on every order.
  • C Send a very rough draft of the project.
  • D Give the maximum number of revisions so your Customer knows that you will work on their project as long as it takes.
Using a Quick Response helps you quickly respond to an inquiry and can be customized to fit your customer’s needs.
  • A True
  • B False
Once an order has started, how can you change the parameters or an order if you and your Customer agree that more work will be involved than initially intended?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Cancel and start over.
  • B Use the Resolution Center.
  • C Let the order automatically complete if you worked on it in any capacity.
  • D Let the order run late. Your Customer will understand if you have a reason.
When you receive a message on Fiverr, what can you do to double your chances of converting a sale?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Talk about how much money you have made for your clients.
  • B Do whatever it takes to respond as fast as possible.
  • C Give a detailed, personalized response.
  • D Make them wait. It shows you’re busy, and valuable.
Custom Offers empower Sellers to upsell even higher than their Premium Packages—but when should a Custom Offer be used?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A When Customers ask for Services outside of what your Packages provide.
  • B When a Buyer’s project timeline will take much longer than normal, and require additional revisions.
  • C When a Buyer needs a creative solution for a unique project.
  • D All of the above.

Quiz: Growing Your Business on Fiverr

The Fiverr Dashboard helps you keep track of your orders via your Response Rate, your percentage of orders Delivered on Time, your percentage of Completed Orders, and [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Your total number of orders with new messages from Customers.
  • B Your overall rating as a Seller.
  • C How many Customers have created Customer Support tickets regarding your orders.
  • D Your overall percentage of Repeat Customers.
How can you receive a Badge on your profile that communicates to customers that you’re extremely proficient in your area of expertise?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Make your own. Talk about clients you’ve had and come up with your own badge name to illustrate your success.
  • B You don’t need a badge so long as you communicate to customers that you’re more talented than other Sellers.
  • C Invest in your skills with ‘Learn from Fiverr’.
  • D You’re already an expert. Just do the work and everything will come naturally.
Promoting yourself with Fiverr is easy, with Fiverr Anywhere, Social Media and [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Copy and paste your profile link on every message board you can.
  • B Establishing yourself as an expert freelancer on Quora.
  • C Creating an independent website and leaving your Seller Profile by itself.
  • D Only letting Customers find you naturally on Fiverr, as they’re the people who really want to buy.
Fiverr Analytics & Gig Analytics offer in-depth data on your performance. How can you use your Sales Trends to grow orders throughout the year?
Choose only ONE best answer.
A You can put up ads in your community and see if they impact your sales.
B You can constantly message Customers to see if they place bigger orders the more you message them.
C You can assess how seasonality during the Holidays affects sales.
D You can see when your Income Earned is at its lowest, so you know to stop working during that time.
Level One, Level Two and being a ‘Top Rated Seller’ are all part of Fiverr’s Leveling System, which [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Adds credibility and exposure to your status on the platform.
  • B Keeps you from dealing with Account warnings.
  • C Removes the necessity of gaining positive reviews.
  • D Is the only thing Customers care about when placing orders.

Quiz: The Lifestyle of a Successful Freelancer

How can you best set up your finances to succeed as a freelancer?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A It’s all the same, business or personal, so keep it all together.
  • B You should be fine so long as you save.
  • C Separate your personal and business finance accounts.
  • D You should be focused on your orders. No orders means no money.
Freelancing can be expensive, right? How can you get the best tools and software?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Share licenses for software with a friend.
  • B Download free trials and restart them when they expire if you’re just starting out.
  • C Purchase your own licenses and use up to date hardware and software tools.
  • D Keep all your official software on a computer that isn’t connected to the Internet.
What’s a great way to keep your mind focused when sitting down to work on orders?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Turn on music to drown out excess noise.
  • B Change things up and work in a different space every day. If you don’t know what’s around you, your mind won’t wander.
  • C Don’t worry about your surroundings at all. Freelancing online is only about what’s behind your computer screen.
  • D Create an organized, dedicated workspace for yourself.
You’ve been working for a long time, and feel burned out. What do you do?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Set comfortable work hours and socialize. Personal health is integral to success in work.
  • B Keep going. The job isn’t done until you’re completely worn out.
  • C Burnout is mental and can be overcome, just like growing a muscle. The longer you spend burnt out, the easier it will be to deal with the fatigue.
  • D Don’t worry about it. Overpromising and taking on huge orders is the only way to grow. There’s too much competition!
How can you prime your mindset to succeed as a freelancer every day?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Get up at the same time and work nonstop. Those who hustle are those who win.
  • B Treat every order like it’s the last order you’ll ever have.
  • C Freelancers succeed because they don’t plan anything too specific.
  • D Write your goals down and develop a personal brand.

Final Quiz

Gig Packages allow Sellers to set multiple price points that take the following into consideration:
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A How long your orders will take to complete.
  • B How many rounds of revisions your orders will typically need.
  • C What out-of-pocket costs you will have while completing your orders.
  • D All of the above.
Fiverr Sellers have many advantages when managing Buyer expectations, like setting [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Much higher rates for low-quality work.
  • B Prices that could change at any time.
  • C Fixed prices
  • D The lowest freelance rates across the market.
A great way to think about your Gig Description is using the AIDA model, which stands for ‘Attention, Interest, Desire and [BLANK]’
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Affirmation
  • B Analysis
  • C Alliteration
  • D Action
Order Turnaround Timelines help determine when Orders will be delivered, and [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Encourage Customers to communicate their project needs.
  • B Leave Customers out of the process so you can do your work.
  • C End communication with Customers while the timeline continues to run out.
  • D Create a final time by which no other revisions or project work can be done. This encourages projects to conclude.
Every order on Fiverr has a [BLANK]
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A Timeline for completion
  • B Rigid timeline that can’t be changed
  • C Limited level of service required
  • D Decline or accept option for the seller
Which Gig Package is statistically the most likely for Customers to choose?
Choose only ONE best answer.
  • A The Basic Package
  • B The Standard Package
  • C The Premium Package
  • D The Alternative Package


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