Fiverr Adobe Dreamweaver CC Test Answers - Fiverr Adobe Dreamweaver CC Skill Test Answers 2021

The Fiverr Adobe Dreamweaver CC Test Answers has been explicitly intended to empower managers and enrollment specialists to recognize likely recruits by assessing working skills and occupation status. Hence, accentuation is laid after assessing the information on applied skills acquired through genuine work insight, instead of hypothetical information.


Bellow is a list of All Latest Test Answers of Adobe Dreamweaver CC


Which of the following panes in the CSS Designer Panel produces the list of the style sheets related to a document?

  • Sources – Correct Answer
  • @Media
  • Selectors
  • Properties

Dreamweaver is an application to create websites and mobile applications.

  • True – Correct Answer
  • False

In Dreamweaver, when any imported image shows the icon highlighted in the image given above, it indicates_________________ ?

  • It indicates the image is linked with its source file. – Correct Answer
  • It indicates the image is not updated as per its source file.
  • It indicates the link between the image and it source file is broken.
  • It indicates the image is a standalone image and no source file as such.

Which of the following statements is(are) incorrect about Spry effects in Adobe Dreamweaver CC?

  • We can modify existing spry effects but cannot add the new one. – Correct Answer
  • We cannot add or modify existing spry effects but can add the new one.
  • We can neither add nor modify the Spry effects.

Which of the following options is(are) affected by CFL Integration?

  • Follow links
  • Follow Links Continuously
  • Freeze javascript – Correct Answer
  • Use Testing Server For Document Source
  • All of the above.

Which of the following statements is not true while adding jQuery widget in Dreamweaver CC?

  • We do not need to add the external reference to jQuery file manually. -Correct Answer
  • We can preview jQuery widget in browsers only that supports it.

Which of the following View options enables the Live Highlight option in Adobe Dreamweaver CC?

  • Code View
  • Design View – Correct Answer
  • Live View (On)
  • Live View (Off)

Which of the following is/are the various views available in Adobe Dreamweaver to see your webpage?

  • Design View
  • Live View – Correct Answer
  • Split View
  • b and c
  • All of the above

___________ overwrites the cloud settings of an application to the local setting when syncing the application.

  • Sync Local – Correct Answer
  • Sync Cloud

Which of the following statements is/are not true about Spry Effects?

  • Squish effect makes the element disappear into the upper-left corner of the page.
  • Grow/Shrink effect increases or reduces the size of the element. – Correct Answer
  • All of the above
  • None of the above.

Which of the following statements is/are true in case of Quick Tag Editor?

  • It inspects, inserts, and edits HTML tags without leaving Design view.
  • It attempts to correct the code if you type invalid HTML.
  • It has three modes to edit the code. – Correct Answer
  • All of the above

Which of the following statements is/are incorrect in case of Live Highlight with CSS Selector?

  • It searches all the elements connected to a CSS Selector.
  • It is enabled when Live View is On.
  • We can create a new CSS Selector with the selected elements out of the already existing CSS Selector. – Correct Answer
  • None of the above

How will the highlighted option open the linked page when we click on a link in Adobe Dreamweaver?

  • It loads the linked file into a new browser window.
  • It loads the linked file into the parent window of the frame that contains the link.
  • It loads the linked file into the full browser window, thereby removing all frames.
  • It loads the linked file into the same frame or window as the link. – Correct Answer

In the image given above, what does the highlighted option help us to do while creating a CSS transition?

  • It helps in selecting the ids of the div where you want to perform the transition on.
  • It helps in selecting the state you want to become the trigger of the transition.
  • It helps in selecting what transition you want to put on the element.

We have two image maps, Client side image map and Server side image map.

  • True – Correct Answer
  • False

What does the split view in Adobe Dreamweaver do?

  • It shows the code view in the full window.
  • It shows the design view in the full window.
  • It divides the window into two parts, one for design view and second for code view – Correct Answer

Which of following is/are not mode(s) of the Quick Tag Editor?

  • Insert HTML mode
  • Edit Tag mode
  • Wrap Tag mode – Correct Answer
  • None of the above

How will the left handle of the fluid grid layout div behave on pushing it towards their opposite position (implying towards right direction)?

  • It will decrease the width of the div.
  • It will add the margin to div keeping the width of the div same. – Correct Answer

Which of the following font types are supported when we add the fonts to Dreamweaver’s default fonts through Modify>>Web Fonts option?

  • EOT
  • WOFF – Correct Answer
  • TTF
  • SVG
  • b and c
  • All of the above

Which of the following statements is/are NOT True?

  • The files downloaded from a CDN are read-only.
  • A CDN (content delivery network) is a computer network containing copies of data placed at various points in the network.
  • <link> and <script src> tags are used to identify the location of linked files.
  • jQuery Mobile (PhoneGap) is used when your application doesn’t rely on an Internet connection. – Correct Answer

Chromium Embedded Framework is an open source framework based on the Google Chromium project and helps in resource loading, navigation, context menus, and printing.

  • True – Correct Answer
  • False

When we import the OAM file in Dreaweaver CC, the extracted contents of the OAM file are extracted to the edgeanimate_assets folder.

  • True
  • False – Correct Answer

How does the highlighted slider (A) in the given image, affect the nature of the color?

  • It affects the opacity of the color. – Correct Answer
  • It affects the lightness of the color.
  • It affects the saturation of the color.

Which of the following statements is/are true in Adobe Dreamweaver?

  • Show Log On Completion option in cleanup HTML dialog box displays an alert box with details about the changes made to the document as soon as the cleanup is finished.
  • Any Tag with opening and closing parentheses is called as balanced tags in Dreamweaver.
  • The Browser Compatibility Check (BCC) feature helps you locate combinations of HTML and CSS that can trigger browser-rendering bugs
  • All of the above – Correct Answer
  • None of the above

PhoneGap is an open source framework for quickly building cross-platform mobile apps using:

  • CSS
  • Javascript – Correct Answer
  • HTML5
  • All of the above

__________ gives a short hint that tells us the required value of an input field of the form element.

  • Title
  • Required
  • Place holder – Correct Answer
  • Auto complete

With the help of file comparison tools in Dreamweaver, you can compare the code of :

  • local and remote versions of the same file. – Correct Answer
  • two different remote files.
  • two different local files.
  • All of the above.

Which of the following preferences can be synced with the Creative Cloud across multiple machines?

  • Document Properties – Correct Answer
  • Application Level Preferences
  • Both a and

What is the Sync Setting Feature in Adobe Dreamweaver CC?

  • It helps in syncing and bridging the file transfer between application and Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • It preserves a copy of application-related settings on Adobe Creative Clou – Correct Answer

Which of the following languages has the code hints feature in Dreamweaver?

  • ColdFusion Markup Language
  • VBScript – Correct Answer
  • All of the above

Which of the following panels keeps the track of changes made in the animations done by CSS?

  • CSS transitions
  • CSS styles – Correct Answer
  • Code Inspector
  • Results

Which of the following tags is used for showing the various functionality buttons for playing a video?

  • ContextMenu.
  • OnContextMenu.
  • Controls – Correct Answer
  • Contented Table

What do the icons highlighted in the image above represent?

  • They represent the screens of different devices. – Correct Answer
  • They represent the different widths for the same device.

Dreamweaver automatically saves multiple versions of a document when you have Adobe Contribute compatibility enabled.

  • True – Correct Answer
  • False

Which of the following statements is true in case of applying the gradient to the background?

  • We can repeat the gradient as per the dimensions of the background. – Correct Answer
  • It supports the percentage values for color stops.
  • It supports the color codes.

Which of the icons given in the image represents Check In file in files panel?

  • H
  • I
  • J – Correct Answer
  • K
  • L
  • M
  • None of the above

Which of the following sample pages is/are available under page from sample tab from new document dialog box?

  • jQuery Mobile (CDN)
  • jQuery Mobile (Local)
  • jQuery Mobile with theme (local) – Correct Answer
  • a and b
  • All of the above

What is the extension of the Adobe Edge Animate composition files?

  • .OAM
  • .EAC
  • .ADA – Correct Answer
  • .AEAC

Which of the following HTML elements cannot be used with Appear/Fade Spry Effect?

  • Applet
  • iframe
  • object – Correct Answer
  • tr and th
  • b and c
  • All of the above

____________ parses the file and lists all the styles associated with the selected element.

  • Code Hinting – Correct Answer
  • Code Inspector
  • Code Navigator