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Senior Java Security Architect: Safeguarding Enterprise Systems with Expertise


Rockville, MD 20850

Job Opportunity: Security Engineer with Java Development Experience

Job Details:

Note: This role is exclusively available for W2 or individual contracts. No C2C arrangements, please. 100% Remote Work.

  • Job Title: Security Engineer with Java Development Experience
  • Job Summary: We are in search of a highly skilled Security Engineer with a strong background in Java development, particularly in leading Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) initiatives. The ideal candidate will possess substantial expertise in application security, vulnerability/risk assessments, and Java instrumentation to strengthen our cybersecurity framework.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Lead RASP initiatives to proactively protect applications from threats during runtime.
  • Demonstrate in-depth knowledge and application of OWASP Top 10 Principles in daily operations.
  • Conduct thorough vulnerability and risk assessments to identify potential security breaches.
  • Utilize tools such as Splunk and other SIEM tools for security information and event management.
  • Apply Java instrumentation techniques to enhance application security measures.
  • Transition development skills into security-centric coding practices to fortify application defenses.


  • Strong foundation in Java development, preferably with a transition from a software engineer/developer role into application security.
  • Demonstrated experience in using Java development skills for implementing security solutions.
  • Proficient in security principles, particularly within application security and Java instrumentation.
  • Practical experience with SIEM tools like Splunk for monitoring and analyzing security events.

Additional Notes: Candidates should be prepared to discuss how their Java development background has informed their approach to application security and to provide examples of past projects or initiatives where they’ve applied their skills. We are looking for a dynamic individual who can blend technical acumen with security best practices to safeguard our applications effectively.

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