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What is my Browser

Welcome to Fiverrpromotion’s What is My Browser Tool

A browser is a tool or software that allows a user to visit websites using the internet. Many of browsers are available in the market but the most commonly used browsers are Google, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, but the most common and widely used browser is Google and it takes as the most secure and reliable browser all over the world.
There is no restriction that you have to use only Google browsers. You can use a browser according to your need and requirements. Different people use different browsers. So that’s why it is important to need to know all information about the browser. For this purpose, you have to use this tool. It will provide you with technical support when you face some technical issues while you are using browsers

About My Browser Tool

If you want to know about your browser or need information about your browser then you are at the right place, because we will assist you without any cost. Without any technical skills, you can get all the information about your browser with just one click. This tool is yet available for free on Fiverrpromotion. This tool is very easy to use. It fetches all details with one click. Using this tool you will not only get your browser name you will get all the information about your browser. 

These are things you will get about your browser if you will  use the Fiverrpromotion Tool ; 

  • Your Browser
  • Browser Version
  • Your OS
  • Your Agent
  • Cookies
  • Javascript

How to Use This Tool?

We developed this tool user-friendly. Our platform is providing all the SEO tools free of cost. Some of them are listed below you can check and get an advantage without wasting money and time. If you are new to the internet then no need to worry about that you can also use this tool. Just click on the tool this tool will fetch the results automatically without spending a single sec on it.
This tool is very fast and accurate because we follow the latest things always and keep in touch with the advanced era. If you can use this tool if you want to check the version of your browser sometimes we need to update it but we are unaware of the version of the browser. So check your browser and update to the latest version of your browser. It doesn’t matter that you are using Google, Safari, Internet Explorer or etc. It supports all types of browsers and gives your 100% results 


1. What is “What Is My Browser”?

“What Is My Browser” is a tool that detects and displays information about the web browser being used to access a website.

2. How does “What Is My Browser” work?

“When Is My Browser” uses JavaScript code to detect information about the user’s browser, including the name, version, operating system, and other details.

3. Is “What Is My Browser” a free tool?

Yes, “What Is My Browser” is typically a free tool available online, and there are many websites that provide this service.

4. Why do I need to know my browser information?

Knowing your browser information can be helpful when troubleshooting issues with websites, downloading plugins or add-ons, or ensuring compatibility with specific software.

5. Can “What Is My Browser” detect my location?

No, “What Is My Browser” cannot detect your location. It only detects information about your browser.

6. Can “What Is My Browser” be used on mobile devices?

Yes, “What Is My Browser” can be used on mobile devices, although some websites may use a different method to detect mobile browsers.

7. Can “What Is My Browser” detect my browsing history?

No, “What Is My Browser” cannot detect your browsing history. It only detects information about your browser.

8. Can I use “What Is My Browser” to change my browser information?

No, “What Is My Browser” cannot be used to change your browser information. It only detects the information that is already present in your browser.

9. Is “What Is My Browser” safe to use?

Yes, “What Is My Browser” is safe to use. It does not collect or store any personal information, and it only detects information about your browser.

10. Can I use “What Is My Browser” to check someone else’s browser information?

No, you cannot use “What Is My Browser” to check someone else’s browser information without their permission. It only detects the information from the device that it is being used on.

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