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I will do real estate, mortgage WordPress website and landing page

Do you want to increase the visibility of your online brand? Look nowhere else! I'm Web master, a skilled full stack developer and digital marketer with more than five years of experience building beautiful web and carrying out successful marketing plans.

I specialize in creating unique web using the most up-to-date technologies to provide websites that are quick, responsive, and SEO-optimized.

Why choose me?

As an experienced web designer, I understand the unique requirements of mortgage, loan, business loan, and insurance broker websites. I have a deep understanding of the industry and know what it takes to create a website that stands out from the competition.

What I offer:

Custom Website Design

Responsive Design

Clear Call-to-Actions

Content Management System (CMS)

SEO Optimization

Integration of Tools

Security and Maintenance

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I will develop real estate, realtor website with IDX integration

Hello, I will create a real estate website with IDX integration and property listing functionality while delivering responsive and state of the art designs. Look forward to working with you.Tagged : , , , , Visit Gig

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I will create real estate, sales, banking, accounting, marketing, CEO finance resume




As an accomplished resume writer with expertise in the USA job market, I comprehend the intricacies involved in developing a compelling SALES, CEO, SVP, CTO, REAL ESTATE, BANKING, FINANCE, ACCOUNTING, and MARKETING RESUME. Specializing in crafting resumes that effectively showcase a candidate's unique skills, experience, and achievements, I ensure a persuasive and impactful presentation.

Having reviewed countless resumes, I possess the insights to include essential elements in your SALES, BANKING, EXECUTIVE, FRAUD ANALYST, FINANCE, REAL ESTATE, CEO, CTO, SVP, ACCOUNTING, and MARKETING Resume to capture attention. If you've applied and received no response, your resume might be the culprit. I can rectify it, ensuring you stand out in the competitive job market.


  • Professionally aligned COVER LETTER
  • Full LinkedIn Profile and Keywords Optimization


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I will create real estate, sales, banking, accounting, marketing, CEO finance resume

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Your professional resume in these fields

Are you looking to stand out in the competitive job market in industries such as real estate, sales, banking, accounting, marketing, or CEO finance? Look no further! With my expertise in crafting compelling resumes tailored to these specific industries, you can showcase your skills and experience effectively to potential employers.

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What you can expect:

  • Customized resume highlighting your strengths in real estate, sales, banking, accounting, marketing, or CEO finance
  • Professional formatting and design to make your resume visually appealing
  • Keyword optimization to ensure your resume passes through applicant tracking systems
  • A polished final product that reflects your career aspirations and goals
Don't let a generic resume hold you back. Invest in a professionally crafted resume that sets you apart from the competition.Tagged : , , , , , Visit Gig

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I will create real estate, sales, banking, accounting, marketing, CEO finance resume

Are you looking to stand out in the competitive job market? Let me help you create a professional resume tailored specifically for real estate, sales, banking, accounting, marketing, or CEO finance roles.

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What you will get:

  • A customized resume that highlights your skills and experience in the chosen industry
  • Keyword optimization to ensure your resume gets noticed by applicant tracking systems
  • Professional formatting and design that sets you apart from other candidates
  • Unlimited revisions to ensure your complete satisfaction

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Why choose me?

I have years of experience in creating high-quality resumes for clients in various industries. I understand what hiring managers look for in a resume and can help you craft a compelling document that showcases your abilities effectively. Don't miss out on your dream job because of a poorly written resume. Let me help you land that interview!Tagged : , , , , , Visit Gig

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I will be your reliable mystery shopper, customer service, real estate cold calling

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I Will Be Your Reliable Mystery Shopper, Customer Service, Real Estate Cold Calling

Are you looking for a reliable professional to help with mystery shopping, customer service, or real estate cold calling? Look no further! As a seasoned mystery shopper, I will provide detailed feedback on your products and services, helping you improve customer satisfaction and sales. Whether you need anonymous in-store visits or online evaluations, I've got you covered. When it comes to customer service, I will ensure that your clients receive top-notch support and assistance. Whether it's handling inquiries, resolving complaints, or providing information, I will represent your brand with professionalism and efficiency. In the real estate industry, I have experience in cold calling potential leads and setting appointments for property viewings. I understand the importance of effective communication and will work diligently to help you secure new clients and close deals. Let me be your go-to professional for mystery shopping, customer service, and real estate cold calling needs. I am dedicated, reliable, and ready to assist you in achieving your business goals.Tagged : , Visit Gig

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I will design eye catching website for your selling, buying real estate site and leads


Looking for a professional Web Designer for your real estate needs? I specialize in crafting captivating websites and high-converting landing pages tailored for the real estate industry.

Services offered:

- Real Estate Sales, Investor, Realtor, and Buyer Landing Pages

- High-Converting Lead Capture Forms

- Seamless MailChimp/Aweber Integration

- WordPress/ Wix Customization

- Corporate Site Development

Why choose me?


Tailored Solutions


Let's build your real estate digital presence together!

Looking forward to working with you.

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I will be your Social Media Marketing Manager Plan

Hello Dear,

My name is Raju. Thank you for visit my account. Hear is the breakdown of my service. As a certified social media content strategist for the last 3 years, I've working with over 13 business. Are you looking for a social media Expert? A social media manager is the most important for your business. If you are looking for a social media manager and are in the lifestyle, real estate and hospitality industries, then you are the right place! I will take care of your post scheduling, content strategy, industry, video editing, community engagement and more.

Platforms :

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google Ads
  • LinkedIn

You can choose between :

My packages

  1. Candle Package : Post 1 platform for 14 days for only $125.
  2. Bonfire Package : Post 2 platform for 21 days for only $210.
  3. Blaze Package : Post 4 platform for 29 days for only $300.
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I will do monthly social media management and content creation

Greetings! Welcome to Digital Sky Maestro. I'm Eagle, a seasoned virtuoso in orchestrating online triumphs through the strategic management of social media. With a wingspan of experience in crafting captivating content and nurturing profound connection, I'm wholeheartedly devoted to amplifying the soaring grounded in data to curating campaigns that resonate, I bring a wealth of experience to empower your digital journey. Why Choose My Soaring Services? Precision Targeting Wit and Charisma Results Crafted by Data Mastery Alchemy of Engagement Punctual Execution Vigilant Account Monitoring & Reporting Round-the-Clock Support I'm not just a social media maestro; I'm a storyteller, an emotions curator, and a conductor of meaningful connections. Platforms I Command: Facebook Instagram X (Twitter) Pinterest LinkedIn TikTok YouTube Telegram Discord Together, we'll gracefully glide through the digital skies, infusing your brand's authority with authenticity and vulnerability. When we strike that harmonious chord with your audience, their heart will sing, transforming them into your brand's most loyal advocates. Eager to embark on this soaring journey? Contact MeTagged : , , , , Visit Gig

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