Strategic Visual Storyteller: Capturing Timeless Real Estate Moments in Bethlehem, PA


Bethlehem, PA

Exciting Project Opportunity

As we enter a slower time of year for real estate photography, we have a unique project opportunity that we believe could be a great fit for your skills, even though it’s a bit different from our usual photography work.

Project Details

This special project involves inspecting, photographing, and tagging equipment at various locations in your area for local pharmacies.

What’s the Job?

  • Not All Photography, But Easy Work: This project isn’t all about taking pictures. Instead, you’ll walk around different locations to check on various types of equipment.
  • Data Collection: You’ll note down details of each piece of equipment, snap a photo with your smartphone, and tag them for tracking.
  • Good Pay: The job pays well, and you’ll be compensated at a favorable rate for each location you do. Each should take between 10-40 minutes.

Why Consider This?

  • Flexibility: You can do this work at your leisure, fitting it around your other commitments.
  • Territory: You’ll be responsible for all locations in your designated area, meaning for most, you won’t have to travel far.
  • Additional Income: This is a great way to supplement your income by doing straightforward work.
  • Future Opportunities: Successfully completing this project could lead to more opportunities for real estate photography work with Hometrack.
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