I will make nature and cozy relaxing rain video for you

Welcome Mate. I know you have a YouTube channel so please no tension, I know 90% of YouTubers leave YT midway, Because they don't immediately understand if their content is really copyright free or their music is copyright free So i assure you The music videos that I make are completely captured by myself from nature So I want to tell you that these contents of mine will never be copyrighted The kind of videos I make 1- Beat Stress to Sleep Soundly with Real Hurricane, Heavy Rain, Strong Wind, Thunder Sounds 2- Goodbye Insomnia with Heavy Rain & Thunder Growls on a Stale Tin Roof in Foggy Murky Forest at Night 3- Rain & Thunderstorm Sounds, Nature & Rain Sounds to Relax, Meditate, Study & Fall Asleep 4- Rain Sound On Window with Thunder Sounds„Ö£Heavy Rain for Sleep, Study and Relaxation, Meditation 5- Rain Sounds for Sleep - Open Window Rain Sounds - Heavy Rain Sounds & Black Screen 6- Heavy Rain Storm outside a Cozy Attic Bedroom w/ Burning Firewood / Old Castle Etc If any of my content is copyrighted, you may complain to Fiber on my behalf and cancel the order Thank You.Tagged : Visit Gig

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