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Do whatapp api with integration to automate shopify lead generation al chatbot

shopify lead generation ai chatbot

Hello, Welcome here.

Are you looking to boost your Shopify store’s lead generation efforts and improve customer engagement? Look no further! I’m here to help you automate and setup your lead generation process with a great integration of WhatsApp API and Al chatbot through Zapier.

What I Offer:

•WhatsApp API Integration: will set up the WhatsApp API to enable your Shopify store to communicate with potential leads effortlessly. This includes creating a WhatsApp Business Account and setting up the necessary configurations.

•Shopify Lead Generation: will implement strategies to collect valuable leads from your Shopify store, such as customer contact information, preferences, and more.

Al Chatbot Implementation: Enhance customer engagement and response time by integrating a customized Al chatbot that can answer frequently asked questions, provide product information, and even assist in order placement.

•Zapier Webhook Setup: will create a Zapier integration to connect WhatsApp, your Shopify store, and the Al chatbot.

Pricing may vary depending on the complexity of your requirements. Please get in touch to receive a personalized quote for your project.

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