Do Line Art 2D Animation, Traditional Animation, Disney Style, 2D Hand Drawn

Gig title: line art 2d animation, pencil sketch, vector tracing ,2d hand drawn

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Greetings from my professional 2D traditional animation job! My duties include producing engaging and captivating animation for a variety of projects. I create drawings by hand using traditional methods, and then I film each drawing one frame at a time to generate motion. Specifically, I'm responsible for generating storyboards, character sketches, background designs, and graphic elements.

I offer you high-quality 2D animation ,line art, traditional animation, Disney style, 2d hand drawn, 2D cartoon animation, and 2D animation movies etc.

My cartoons are animated with personality; I employ both conventional techniques and computer animation support, not just cheap 2D artists' clumsy computer animations.

Prior to animation, I'll make sure you

Note: contact me before order and let start

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