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Use Fiverrpromotion Code to Text Ratio Checker and optimize your website in the best way. Code to the text denotes the percentage of the text on the visual end of a specific page. This checker tool is designed to calculate the percentage of the content ratio based on the text and HTML code. Text to HTML ratio checker checks the ratio of text in HTML. Using this tool here, you can check it free of cost. You can check without investing money. 

Why Code-to-Text Ratio Checker Developed?

Code-to-text is an actual text ratio that appears on the user interface of any specific web page. The code leads to HTML code embedded on any page of the website. High text-to-s can increase the chances of ranking the website and may get higher results.
Most search engines use this method to crawl any website. So, it can be beneficial for owners using a high code-to-text ratio on their web pages. If you use more HTML code on your website couriers it can damage your site performance. If you use more code then it may take more time to load. It increases your bounce rate of the website or unsatisfactory results. This is the main reason that we have developed this tool. It is capable to extract text from the web pages

How to use Code-to-Text Ratio Checker on Fiverrpromotion

You can use this tool very easily. whether you are a technical person or a non-technical person. We designed this tool according to your needs. A non-technical person also can use this tool, because no skill is required to check code text ratio. You need to just paste the link of the page and can check with one click. Here is a simple and easy method. 

  • Copy the link of the page that you want to check 
  • Paste the link that you have copied 
  • Click on the Submit Button
  • Here are the results. You can check them and analyze them according to your need 

Page Optimization

Here are some measures, by using these things you can optimize your web page. Don’t forget to check the ratio of the text using this tool while you are going to optimize your web page. On Fiverrpromotion you can use these services for free to check the text ratio. Once you have checked the ratio then you need to know these things which can play important role in your web page optimization. 

  • Remove the unnecessary comments inside the code
  • Eliminate all the non-visible or hidden text
  • Wipe out all the extra or unnecessary images 
  • For formatting and styling use CSS instead of a plugin
  • Use a simple font that can easily visible and understandable for everyone 
  • Wipe all the extra code and unnecessary file
  • Java and flash just use when it should be


1. What is a Code To Text Ratio Checker?

A Code to Text Ratio Checker is an online tool that calculates the proportion of text to code on a webpage.

2. How does a Code To Text Ratio Checker work?

A Code to Text Ratio Checker works by analyzing the HTML code of a webpage and calculating the amount of text content versus code content.

3. What is the significance of Code To Text Ratio in SEO?

Code to Text Ratio is an important factor in SEO as it is one of the many signals that search engines use to determine the quality and relevance of a webpage.

4. What is an ideal Code To Text Ratio?

An ideal Code to Text Ratio is 50% or higher, meaning that the amount of text on a webpage is at least equal to the amount of code.

5. Why is a high Code To Text Ratio important for SEO?

A high Code to Text Ratio indicates that a webpage contains a significant amount of relevant content, which is more likely to be valuable to users and therefore rank higher in search engine results.

6. Can Code To Text Ratio affect website speed?

Yes, a high amount of code on a webpage can slow down its loading speed, which can negatively impact user experience and SEO.

7. How can I improve my website’s Code To Text Ratio?

You can improve your website’s Code to Text Ratio by minimizing unnecessary code, optimizing images, and using clean, semantic HTML.

8. Are there any downsides to having a high Code To Text Ratio?

Having a high Code to Text Ratio does not necessarily guarantee good SEO rankings, as other factors like backlinks and domain authority also play a role.

9. Is Code To Text Ratio the only factor that affects SEO?

No, there are many other factors that affect SEO, including but not limited to backlinks, domain authority, website speed, and content relevance.

10. Where can I find a Code To Text Ratio Checker?

You can find many free Code to Text Ratio Checkers online with a simple search engine query.

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