Top 10 Luxury Logo Designers on Upwork

A luxury logo designer on Upwork is a professional graphic designer who specializes in creating high-end, premium logos for luxury brands. They possess exceptional design skills and a keen eye for detail, allowing them to create unique and visually appealing logos that reflect the luxury brand's identity and values. These designers typically have a portfolio of previous work that showcases their ability to create luxurious and high-quality designs.

They are experienced in working with clients to understand their vision and deliver exceptional results within the given timeframe. They are also proficient in various design software and tools, including Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

Top 10 Luxury Logo Designers on Upwork

A well-designed luxury logo can instantly communicate sophistication, elegance, and exclusivity to potential customers. In this article, we will explore the top 10 luxury logo designers on Upwork who have a proven track record of creating stunning and effective logos for luxury brands. Whether you're launching a new luxury brand or looking to rebrand an existing one, these designers can help you create a logo that truly stands out in the market.

Gary C.

Gary C. is a top-rated freelance artist and graphic designer from the United States who specializes in custom illustration, logo design, and branding. He has earned over $115k through his freelancing career and has a 100% job success rate. Gary is highly skilled in freehand sketching and digital design and offers a wide range of services, including social media and web assets, video editing, t-shirt design, book covers, brochures, and much more. He also provides 1-on-1 Adobe Illustrator training. His rate is $150/hour, and he is located in the central standard time zone, with flexible working hours.

Seller's Name Seller Level Total Earning Rate per hour
Gary C. TOP RATED PLUS $115K $75/hour

Micah H.

Micah H. is a top-rated freelance brand strategist and graphic designer from the United States. He helps clients build better brands that stand out through strategy and design, with specialties in brand strategy, logo design, brand identity, and brand style guides. With a 100% job success rate, Micah believes that real success comes from being something different, not just copying leading competitors. He also offers consultations and works on corporate brand identity, label and package design, brand marketing, social media imagery, and illustration. Micah's rate is $150/hour, and he is available for chat about your ideas, inspiration, and goals.

Seller's Name Seller Level Total Earning Rate per hour
Micah H. TOP RATED PLUS N/A $150/hour

Steph V.

Steph V. is a top-rated graphic and web designer from South Africa with over 15 years of experience in the field. She has worked as an in-house designer for a retail company, designing packaging, magazines, newsletters, annual reports, and financial results for listed companies, among others. Steph also enjoys designing logos, business cards, brochures, flyers, catalogs, eBooks, social media assets, and websites for companies of all sizes. She works with various design tools such as Indesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, PowerPoint, and Word. Steph can also design and build websites and e-commerce stores with WordPress and can code in HTML5 and CSS3. With a 100% job success rate, Steph has successfully completed various projects for clients in different countries and locations. Her rate is $30/hour, and she is available for a project discussion.

Seller's Name Seller Level Total Earning Rate per hour
Steph V. TOP RATED PLUS $63K $30/hour

Ecaterina R.

Ecaterina R. is a professional graphic designer with over 5 years of experience, specializing in logos and corporate identity. She has worked with clients from various countries and has a 100% job success score on Upwork. Ecaterina has completed over 30 projects and has earned over $24K on the platform. She creates custom and unique logos that reflect the brand's values and communicates its message effectively. Ecaterina's design style is sophisticated and elegant, and she also focuses on technical aspects such as adaptability and ease of reproduction

Seller's Name Seller Level Total Earning Rate per hour
Ecaterina R. TOP RATED PLUS $24K $49/hour

Giacomo U

The given text describes Giacomo U., a senior brand identity designer and logo expert with 20 years of experience in logo design, brand identity, packaging and label design, print design, and advertising. He is a certified Vetted Expert in brand identity design by Upwork Talent Management Team and has earned $256K with a 98% job success rate.

Seller's Name Seller Level Total Earning Rate
Giacomo U. TOP RATED PLUS $256K $125.00/hr

Myroslav G

The given text describes Myroslav G., a top-rated graphic design specialist with a focus on logo, packaging, and branding design. He has 11 years of experience working with online and offline stores from the US, Canada, Australia, UK, and EU. He has earned $181K with a 100% job success rate, and has executed 195 projects in the last 3 years with 191 of them having excellent reviews from clients. Myroslav has a 98% guarantee of project success and specializes in logo design, packaging design, label and package design, banner ads, branding, 3D design, and illustration.

Seller's Name Seller Level Total Earning Rate
Myroslav G. TOP RATED PLUS $181K $45/hr

Donita Viktoria S.

Donita Viktoria S. is a senior industrial and product designer with manufacturing experience based in the Philippines. She has earned $426K with a 100% job success rate and TOP RATED PLUS status on Upwork. Donita specializes in designing products that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also manufacturable. She has helped numerous entrepreneurs, inventors, and companies in achieving excellence in all aspects of their products, from ideation to prototyping and manufacturing.

Seller's Name Seller Level Total Earning Rate
Donita Viktoria S. TOP RATED PLUS $426K $85.00/hr

Mian Muhammad Usman P.

Mian Muhammad Usman P. seems to be a skilled branding expert and graphic designer with experience in creating logos, packaging, and other promotional materials. They also offer a wide range of design services, including web and mobile app design. It's good to know that they offer consultations and are available 24/7. Their hourly rate of $25.00 and a 95% job success rate suggest that they have a strong portfolio and have received positive feedback from their clients. Overall, they seem like a good fit for your branding and design needs.

Seller's Name Seller Level Total Earning Rate
Mian Muhammad Usman P TOP RATED PLUS $230K $25.00/hr

James Dean J

James Dean J. is a highly experienced and versatile senior graphic designer and illustrator based in the United States. With a Bachelor's degree in Art from Oregon State University, he has worked creatively for over a decade with many clients and in a variety of industries, designing logos, web pages, apps, products, and much more. James has earned $185K with a 100% job success rate and TOP RATED PLUS badge on the platform. He possesses excellent skills in Graphic Design, Advertising, Integrated Marketing, Branding & Identity, and UI/UX/Web Design, among others.

Seller's Name Seller Level Total Earning Rate
James Dean J. Top Rated Plus $185K $55.00/hr

Olivera K

Olivera K. is a graphic and web designer from Serbia with many years of experience. She specializes in packaging design and branding, logo design, and visual identity. Olivera aims to create visually appealing and timeless designs by combining classic design principles with modern techniques, concepts, and materials. She also owns a print & design studio that produces visually recognizable work for regional and international clients. With a 100% job success rate and TOP RATED PLUS badge, Olivera charges $50.00/hr for her services.

Seller's Name Seller Level Total Earning Rate
Olivera K. Top Rated Plus 30K $50.00/hr
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