The Best Description Samples for a Video Editing Gig on Fiverr

A quick Google search of video editing on Fiverr will reveal over 11,000 results, which makes it no surprise that video editing gigs are so popular and competitive on the service. If you’re already selling on Fiverr, you probably know how important it is to write great product descriptions that get people clicking and buying.

But what about your video editing gigs? Do you struggle with coming up with the best product description samples for a video editing gig on Fiverr? This article will help you craft the perfect video editing gig descriptions to generate sales from the start of your gig!

The Must-Have Things for A Successful Fiverr Gig

Let's take a look at the most important things for a successful Fiverr Gig.

  • The Right Profile Photo

      It may seem like a small detail, but your profile photo is a big deal. When you first set up your account on Fiverr, you’ll be prompted to choose a photo that will be associated with your gig. It’s important to think carefully about the image you want to project and what message it sends. You can use an existing professional headshot or find one online by doing a Google search of professionally shot female businesswomen. 

Once you’ve chosen an appropriate photo, make sure to resize it so that it fits within the guidelines of being no bigger than 220 x 220 pixels in order to avoid any technical issues with uploading. you’ve

  • Promote High-Quality Content On Your Page 

    The key to success on Fiverr is creating high-quality products. Whether it’s a video, design work, or something else that you can’t think of, the more quality of your content is, the higher your chances are of being successful on Fiverr.  It also helps to promote high-quality content on your page so other people know what they’re getting. Once they see the amount of time and effort you put into your work, they will be more likely to purchase it!

  • Research Your Market and Know Your Competition 

      If you don’t know what type of gig would be most successful in your marketplace, look at other sellers in that category and see which ones are getting the most attention. For example, if you were going to sell an origami service on Fiverr, you may want to look at other sellers of origami services on Fiverr so that you can see what gigs are popular and what price points those buyers are willing to pay.

  • Good Design

    Design plays an important role in attracting buyers. The way you design your gig creates the first impression for potential buyers, and it sets the tone for the type of work they should expect from you. Investing time into making your gig look appealing can go a long way. Think about how professional you want your gig to be, and use that as a guideline for what goes on the page. 

Most people like things that are simple with clean lines, but if that doesn’t suit your style, by all means, make it unique! Experiment with different fonts and colors until you find something that is aesthetically pleasing to you.

  • Fair Pricing

      It’s important to charge appropriately for your gigs. If you’re new to Fiverr, it might be difficult at first to figure out how much you should charge. Research what other sellers are charging and use that as a guideline. Try starting with an hourly rate of $5-$10 or ask yourself this question: How many hours would I need to work outside of Fiverr to make $5? 

How many hours will I spend creating the gig on Fiverr? What is my time worth in general? What am I going to spend my time doing on this gig? Is this something I can create quickly or will it take me more than one hour? Make sure you factor all of these things into your pricing decision.

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Things to Avoid if You Want a Top-Notch Fiverr Gig

Following are some things that you should avoid while creating a top-notch gig on Fiverr. 

  • Grammatical Mistakes

     The most critical thing you want on your professional profile is grammar and punctuation mistakes. This makes it look like you don’t care about detail. Instead of rushing through or handing off your writing to someone else, take an hour or so and read over what you’ve written. Catch any mistakes now—before they get published. If you can’t spot them yourself, ask for help from a friend who has good eyes for spelling and grammar. 

If you need more than one person to proofread for you, find three people (or software). Read each other's work carefully; ask each other questions about sentences that aren’t clear; check for consistency in style.

  • Missing Information

     I’ve seen many sellers posting gigs where they don’t bother to include anything at all about their services. This is an obvious no-no: Potential clients want information about what you do and what your selling points are. Giving them nothing but empty space in which to view your gig isn’t a way to win clients over. And, of course, it will hurt you on search engines as well, because there won’t be any SEO keywords attached to your gig.

  • Image Issues

     First impressions are everything. Make sure your profile photo looks professional and doesn’t reveal any personal information (like your street address, your car make and model, or anything else that someone might use to track you down). If you don’t have a headshot yet, take one! Now. It can be an action shot like many freelancers use—all it needs to say is Hi! I’m. The more specific you can be with your title and description, the better. Don’t just say I write great copy for websites.

 Say something like I write effective web copy for small businesses looking to increase their online visibility through search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. This will help potential clients understand what they need from you before they even message you back.

  • Skipped Steps

      Most people are trying to make money quickly, so they’re not taking their time and going through each step. It’s important you take your time and do it right. Don’t skip steps! If you want a top-notch gig, don’t rush yourself or cut corners. Take your time and do it right! And for goodness sake, read instructions carefully. There is no reason for spelling errors or anything that can be caught by someone else reading over your work before you post it.

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Video Editing Gig on Fiverr: Some Samples of Quality Descriptions 

Sample No.1

Hello There!

Are you looking for a Video Editor to edit your gaming clips and turn it into an Amazing Montages, well you’ve come to the right place,I have experience of 2 years in gameplay editing?

What you get:

  • Sync your clips perfectly with the music
  • Beautiful Transitions
  • Adjusted Twixtor (Slowmo)
  • Visual effects (shake, glow, distortion, optics, time-remapping, blur)
  • Saber Effect
  • Perfect Color Grading
  • Music with advanced sound effects (SFX)

Requirements from you:

  • Your clips(Each clip should have at least 30FPS)
  • Music of your choice(Suggest me a Song if you have Copyright Issues)
  • You can use the video on any social media platform you like such as YouTube, Instagram, or Tik Tok.
  • If you have any further questions just message me I’m happy to help ;D (do be aware of the time difference if I do not respond immediately)

Sample No. 2 

If you are looking for someone who can make amazing videos for YouTube, and take your youtube channel to the next level, let me tell you something. You are in the right place‼ I will help you to improve your videos with my advanced editing skills.

I will use all my professional experience to create incredible videos to enhance your YouTube channel. I am An After Effects and Premiere Pro expert, my work is top notch and I will work with you on all your ongoing projects.

I have extensive experience in:

  • Green screen / Chroma Key
  • Assembly
  • Color gradient
  • Text animation
  • Color correction
  • Add watermark
  • Divide, trim a scene
  • Join two or more clips
  • Lengthen in a certain part
  • Slow motion, fast motion
  • Zoom in / Zoom out at specific points
  • Add various transition effects between two clips
  • Add blur / pixelation / focus / highlight
  • Increase / decrease opacity / transparency

I have worked on the following topics:

  • Real estate
  • Advertisements
  • Reflexes
  • Mounting
  • Funny
  • Social media content
  • Slideshow
  • Promotions
  • Travel vlogs
  • Vlog
  • Intros and outros

And whatever your need is, I will be happy to work with you

Sample No. 3

I’m XYZ, provide a professional, reliable, and affordable service

The Process:

  • Message Me – Get in touch, we will discuss your project and work out the best way forward
  • Provide Footage – When you are happy to proceed i will arrange the best way for you to provide your footage to me 
  • Video Creation – When the magic happens, I’ll edit your footage into a video you will love, adding any extra requirements such as graphics or animations, music, SFX, audio enhancement or color grade 
  • Review – We review your video and make any necessary revisions
  • Delivery – I’ll deliver your video to you in the format of your choice

I can do professional video editing and post-production on films, short clips, music videos, promotions, commercials, intros, VFX, Green screen cleaning, etc. 

Quite simply I love what I do and I’d love to help you.

Important: Video editing is complex, so please contact me with your description of what you want. I'm online 24/7, I’ll get back to you quickly and we can get started right away!

Thank you!

Sample No. 4

Hello visionary! I can't wait to turn what you see in your mind into a reality.

Video is the leading way to capture your audience's attention, build brand awareness, & communicate your unique message. 

As an experienced seller on Fiverr, I have a wealth of hands-on experience in transforming your footage into a seamlessly edited video that's primed & ready to go viral or make a lasting impression on your ideal target audience.

Since beginning my journey as a freelance editor over 4 years ago, I’ve done remote work for Youtubers with a wide variety of content like gameplays, sketch’s, montages, playthroughs, vlogs, interviews, podcasts, commercials, Ads, YouTube videos, masterclasses, & music videos also consulted for cinematographic projects.

This Gig includes:

  • Text pop in
  • Sound Design & Mixing
  • Motion Graphics
  • And many more =D

I stay up to date with all the latest styles & techniques to ensure that your visual content makes a lasting impression.

Reach out to discuss your custom requirements!

Sample No. 5

Have you shot any videos but don’t know how to edit them? 

Your goal is to make a video that people will really watch, but you’re having trouble getting started. Intimidated by the prospect of learning even fundamental software?

If that’s you, then keep reading; I’m here to help!

I have worked on:

  • Product videos
  • Explainers
  • How-to videos
  • Company culture
  • Promotions, deals, giveaways
  • Holiday videos
  • Big announcements
  • Customer reviews
  • Evergreen videos

My assistance consists of:

  • Variable Transitions
  • A lower third with animation
  • Filmic and musical stylings
  • Titles that glitch, sound businesslike, or are posh
  • Music without the need to pay royalties
  • Using a plugin to stabilize the footage
  • Modifying pre-existing After Effects templates
  • Removing or reducing ambient noise
  • Editing using a green screen
  • Color Grading/Correction
  • Intro/Outro in 2D/ 3D
  • The use of animated graphics or motion graphics.


With over 2000 completed orders on Fiverr, I am an experienced editor that can bring out the best in your footage and increase your viewership.

I will send you the final product in high definition (HD) at no extra charge.


The best way to get better at video editing is to practice. Try new techniques and play around with editing software. As you work, keep referring back to these samples and make sure your own descriptions are just as helpful. The next time you complete an order on Fiverr, write a killer description so your customer will love you, too! 

Having great skills isn’t enough—you have to communicate those skills in your description sample before customers even purchase your gig. This requires more than bullet points; it requires writing in natural language that appeals directly to potential buyers. Spend time honing those writing skills, because they really do help sell.

Fiverr promotion author image

Zeshan Abdullah

Asian, Father, Level 2 seller on Fiverr with more than 8 years experience in writing and developing custom solutions. Love to help #NewFreelancers.

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