List of Easy Gigs to Sell on Fiverr


Fiverr is the best way for earning. Many people earn very high because they are skillful and hardworking. Fiverr is a platform where you can show your skills and earn money. If you have skills then you must work on Fiverr. Firstly, you have to read all information about Fiverr. And then you can start work on Fiverr. But if you have zero skills or you are not a skillful person. Don't worry we have some easy ideas for you we will tell you the most accessible Fiverr gigs for earning with little skills or zero skills in this article. You can earn up to $30,000 per month on Fiverr with a simple social media marketing gig. Here is a reference gig: social media manager Currently, more than 40 orders are in the queue on this seller and it has 3 packages.We are going to see some easy services that require zero skills or little skills.  Only you have to understand these easy gigs very well. Many easy gigs for low-skillful persons including designing, proofreading, writing, translation, virtual assistant, and many others. As you can see below. You must try these services on Fiverr. After this, you can earn money easily. 

10 easy gigs to sell on Fiverr

Convert Article to Video

It is a very low-competitive keyword and is also recommended by Fiverr. It is a very simple and easy gig. Simply you have to do a search on google ( article to video converter). You will see many tools here. Everybody can do it easily. You can charge $10 for the basic package and also you can earn $1000 per monthHere is proof you can visit this gig through the link.  article to video The client will give you an article or script. You only have to copy text and put it in the software. Then that software will read it automatically and convert it into a video so it is a very easy gig. 

Design Thumbnails

There are many  YouTubers in the world. No doubt your country also will have been filled up with small and big YouTubers. Thumbnail is very important for youtube videos. If your thumbnail will be awesome then you will be able to catch high traffic on your channel. Many big YouTubers take services from Fiverr for their youtube thumbnails. if you have minor editing skills then also you can work on Fiverr You can charge up to $20 for one thumbnail. Here is proof of your motivation. You can visit this gig through the link. youtube thumbnail designer There are many editing tools for photo editing. Canva is the best tool for making thumbnails. It has many pre-built thumbnail templates in it. You only have to modify them as clients wish. It is not a difficult task. 

Graphic Designing ( Easy Gig on Fiverr)

Graphic designing is a very easy service on Fiverr. If you are good at photo editing and video editing.  You can create a gig on fiver about graphic designing. There are many tools for editing including Canva, illustrator, photoshop, and Filmora for video editing. You can make logos, thumbnails, video intros, banners, and many other social media posts and sell them on your Fiverr gig. 

Writing Advisor

It is an easy type of Fiverr gig. You only have to be good at English. And along with if you know about the formatting and paragraph settings of any content. Then you are able to do this work on Fiverr. You can teach students how to write content on google docs. You also teach how to make assignments. It is a very easy gig on Fiverr to earn money. You can provide long terms of services to clients on this Fiverr gig. 

Social Media Management

If you say social media management is the easiest gig on Fiverr then big yes from me you are right it is an easy Fiverr gig. There are many people in the world who are using social media sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, they can work on Fiverr as social media managers. The work of social media managers is easy. not more difficult. Anybody can run this gig easily and earns money. Social media managers have to manage the social media accounts of their clients. Even they have to manage ads and content quality. 

Voice-over gig on Fiverr

It is a very easy gig on Fiverr if you have a good accent then you can work on this service. Most YouTubers need voice-over recording for their video content. You can earn 10$ per voice-over recording. No doubt this is an easy Fiverr gig for earning money. Adobe audition, logic pro, and audacity are the best tools for voice-over. There are a few things you have to take care of including coordination, clarity, and consistency. 

Virtual Assistant ( Easy Fiverr Gig)

A  virtual assistant works as same as an office assistant work. There is no worry about time and office place you can work anytime and from anywhere. Only you have to understand this Fiverr service. This is an easy Fiverr gig that can help you to make online money. 

Spokesperson videos

This gig is a highly demanding gig on Fiverr. This gig requires an actor type of person and full confidence. If you have confidence then you don't need any skill for this gig. For this, you have to buy some devices including a microphone, and a good high-resolution camera. The client will send you a script and you have to make a video on it. 

Product Description

There are many product sellers on eCommerce sites. Mostly they need description writers for their products. Nowadays this Fiverr gig demand is at its peak. You can earn 200$ per month easily if you provide good services on time. 

Word Press

It is low skilled Fiverr gig service and also an easy Fiverr gig. There are many services that you can provide on Fiverr. Some easy services include fixing errors and bugs and increasing the speed of the WordPress website, and SEO services of WordPress. 

Final Words on Easy Fiverr Gigs

No doubt anyone can earn money on Fiverr with low skills. These are 10 easy Fiverr gigs that do require not many skills. You should try these services on Fiverr. Once you start work then you will be experienced in a few months. You should make the Fiverr gig unique and attractive. Then you can earn money online with low skills. You can use these easy Fiverr gigs you will succeed in a short time if you are just intelligent. However low skilled should start with easy Fiverr gigs. 

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