How to Remove Bad Review from Your Fiverr Gig


Receiving a bad review on your Fiverr gig

can be disheartening and potentially impact your reputation as a freelancer. However, it's important to remember that there are strategies you can employ to address the situation and potentially remove or mitigate the impact of a negative review. In this guide, we will explore three effective approaches to help you navigate through the process of removing a bad review from your Fiverr gig.

Your online reputation as a freelancer on platforms like Fiverr plays a crucial role in attracting clients and securing new projects. A single bad review has the potential to tarnish your image and affect future opportunities. However, the good news is that you have the power to address and resolve negative reviews. By effectively communicating with clients, utilizing Fiverr's resolution mechanisms, and focusing on earning positive reviews, you can work towards removing or mitigating the impact of a bad review.

Following are the ways to Remove Bad Review from Your Fiverr Gig:

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METHOD 1: Communicate and Resolve the Issue:

When faced with a bad review on your Fiverr gig, one of the first steps towards resolving the issue is to open up a line of communication with the client who left the review. Here's a detailed breakdown of how to effectively communicate and resolve the problem:

1. Contact the Client: Reach out to the client privately and express your concern regarding their negative review. Maintain a calm and professional tone throughout the conversation. It's essential to approach the discussion with a willingness to understand their perspective and find a resolution.

2. Acknowledge the Concerns: Begin the conversation by acknowledging the client's concerns and expressing your understanding of their dissatisfaction. Show empathy and let them know that their feedback is valuable to you.

3. Apologize if Necessary: If you determine that an apology is warranted based on the circumstances, sincerely apologize to the client for any inconvenience or disappointment they may have experienced. Taking responsibility for any mistakes or shortcomings can demonstrate your commitment to delivering excellent service.

4. Offer a Solution or Compensation: After understanding the client's concerns, propose a solution or compensation that addresses the issue they raised. This could involve offering a revision or redoing the work, providing additional services or benefits, or offering a partial or full refund, depending on the situation. The goal is to find a resolution that satisfies the client and shows your commitment to their satisfaction.

5. Request a Review Update: If the client is satisfied with the resolution offered, politely ask them if they would consider revising their review based on the improved experience. Explain that their updated feedback would be greatly appreciated and would help reflect the resolution achieved.

6. Follow Up: After the resolution has been implemented, it's crucial to follow up with the client to ensure their satisfaction. Check if they require any further assistance or if there are any additional steps you can take to address their concerns fully. By demonstrating your commitment to their satisfaction, you increase the chances of them considering an update or removal of their negative review.

Remember, the key to effectively communicating and resolving the issue is to remain professional, empathetic, and solution-oriented. By actively addressing the client's concerns and offering appropriate solutions, you have the opportunity to turn a negative experience into a positive one and potentially have the client reconsider their initial review.

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METHOD 2: Utilize Fiverr's Resolution Center:

If direct communication with the client does not lead to a satisfactory resolution, Fiverr's Resolution Center is a valuable resource to help address the issue. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to utilize Fiverr's Resolution Center effectively:

1. Assess the Situation: Before proceeding to the Resolution Center, evaluate the severity and legitimacy of the client's complaint. Ensure that you have made reasonable efforts to resolve the issue through direct communication. If you believe the situation requires further intervention, proceed to the Resolution Center.

2. Open a Dispute: Log in to your Fiverr account and navigate to the order associated with the negative review. Within the order page, locate the "Resolution Center" option. Click on it to initiate the dispute process.

3. Describe the Issue: Provide a clear and concise description of the problem, including any relevant details, evidence, or documentation. Be objective and present the facts in a professional manner. Explain how you attempted to address the client's concerns and the reasons why you believe their review is unjustified.

4. Submit Supporting Evidence: If available, include any evidence that supports your case. This may include screenshots of conversations, delivered work, or any other documentation that can help illustrate your point of view. Ensure that the evidence you submit is relevant and appropriate.

5. Await Fiverr's Review: Once you have submitted the dispute, Fiverr's support team will review the case. They will assess the information provided by both parties and may contact you or the client for additional details if necessary. Be patient during this process, as it may take some time for a resolution to be reached.

6. Cooperate with Fiverr: If Fiverr's support team reaches out to you for further information or clarification, respond promptly and cooperatively. Be transparent and provide any requested information to help facilitate a fair assessment of the situation.

7. Resolution Determination: Fiverr's support team will evaluate the dispute and make a determination based on the evidence and policies in place. They may decide to remove or adjust the negative review if they find it to be unjustified. However, please note that the final decision rests with Fiverr, and they may not always remove a review even if they intervene.

8. Learn and Move Forward: Regardless of the resolution outcome, use the experience as an opportunity for growth and improvement. Take note of any lessons learned from the dispute and implement changes to prevent similar issues in the future.

Utilizing Fiverr's Resolution Center can be a valuable step in addressing and potentially resolving disputes related to bad reviews. By presenting a clear case and providing supporting evidence, you increase the chances of Fiverr's support team reaching a fair resolution that may lead to the removal or adjustment of the negative review.

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METHOD 3: Focus on Earning Positive Reviews:

Focusing on earning positive reviews is an essential aspect of managing your online reputation on Fiverr. By delivering exceptional service and actively seeking feedback from satisfied clients, you can counterbalance the impact of a bad review. Here are some strategies to help you earn positive reviews:

1. Provide Outstanding Service: Consistently strive to exceed client expectations by delivering high-quality work. Pay attention to detail, meet project deadlines, and ensure that your deliverables align with the client's requirements. Going the extra mile and providing exceptional service will increase the likelihood of receiving positive feedback.

2. Offer Excellent Customer Service: Promptly respond to client inquiries, address their concerns, and provide regular updates throughout the project. By being attentive, responsive, and accommodating, you demonstrate professionalism and a commitment to client satisfaction. Positive interactions and effective communication can lead to positive reviews.

3. Follow Up with Clients: After completing a project, follow up with clients to check if they are satisfied with the outcome. This gesture shows that you genuinely care about their experience and are open to making any necessary revisions or improvements. It also provides an opportunity to ask for their feedback and, if they are satisfied, kindly request that they consider leaving a positive review.

4. Encourage Reviews: When the project is successfully completed and the client is happy with the outcome, politely request them to leave a review on your Fiverr gig. Explain how valuable their feedback is for your business and how it can help other potential clients make informed decisions. Providing a direct link to your gig or guiding them through the process can make leaving a review easier for the client.

5. Build a Strong Portfolio: Continuously update and showcase your portfolio on Fiverr. Highlight your best work and include testimonials from satisfied clients whenever possible. A strong portfolio that reflects your expertise and positive client experiences can inspire confidence in potential clients and encourage them to choose your services.

Remember, earning positive reviews is an ongoing process. By consistently delivering exceptional service, providing outstanding customer support, actively seeking feedback, and maintaining a strong portfolio, you can build a positive reputation on Fiverr. Positive reviews not only help attract more clients but also offset the impact of any occasional negative reviews that may arise.

The following video explains hoe to remove a bad review from Fiverr:

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FAQs about Removing a Bad Review from your Fiverr Gig:

1. Can I remove a bad review from my Fiverr gig?

Unfortunately, you cannot remove a bad review from your Fiverr gig. Once a review has been posted, it cannot be deleted or edited. However, you can try to improve your rating by getting more positive reviews.

2. What can I do if I get a bad review?

If you get a bad review, the first thing you should do is contact the buyer and try to understand why they left a negative review. Once you understand the issue, you can try to resolve it. If you are unable to resolve the issue, you can contact Fiverr customer support and ask them to review the review. Fiverr may decide to remove the review if it is found to be unfair or inaccurate.

3. How can I prevent bad reviews?

The best way to prevent bad reviews is to provide excellent service. This means meeting the buyer's expectations, communicating effectively, and being responsive to their needs. You should also be clear about your terms of service and set realistic expectations. If you do all of these things, you will be less likely to get bad reviews.

4. What are the consequences of getting bad reviews?

Bad reviews can damage your reputation on Fiverr. This can make it more difficult to attract new buyers and can also lead to lower ratings. If you get too many bad reviews, you may even be removed from Fiverr.

5. How can I improve my rating?

The best way to improve your rating is to get more positive reviews. You can do this by providing excellent service and by asking your buyers to leave a review. You can also promote your Fiverr gig on social media and other online platforms.

Here are some additional tips for improving your rating:

  • Be responsive to communication. Don't let buyers go unanswered.
  • Be willing to go the extra mile. If you go above and beyond for buyers, they are more likely to leave a positive review.
  • Offer discounts and promotions. This can help you attract new buyers and encourage them to leave a review.
  • Be patient. It takes time to build a good reputation on Fiverr. Don't get discouraged if you don't see results immediately. Just keep providing excellent service and eventually you will see your rating improve.

6. What are the best practices for responding to bad reviews?

When you receive a bad review, it is important to respond in a professional and respectful manner. Here are some best practices for responding to bad reviews:

  1. Acknowledge the review. Start by acknowledging the review and thanking the buyer for taking the time to leave feedback.
  2. Apologize for any inconvenience. If the buyer was unhappy with your service, apologize for any inconvenience they may have experienced.
  3. Explain what happened. If there was a misunderstanding, explain what happened and why the buyer may have been unhappy.
  4. Offer to resolve the issue. If possible, offer to resolve the issue with the buyer. This could involve refunding their money, re-doing the work, or providing them with a discount on their next order.
  5. Ask for feedback. Finally, ask the buyer for feedback on how you can improve your service in the future. This feedback can help you avoid getting bad reviews in the future.

By following these best practices, you can respond to bad reviews in a professional and respectful manner. This can help you improve your reputation on Fiverr and attract new buyers.


In conclusion, dealing with a negative review on your Fiverr gig can be challenging, but it's not a hopeless situation. By effectively communicating and resolving issues with clients, utilizing Fiverr's Resolution Center when necessary, and focusing on earning positive reviews, you can take proactive steps to mitigate the impact of negative feedback.

Remember to approach the situation professionally, maintain open communication, and strive for exceptional service. Ultimately, your commitment to client satisfaction and your dedication to providing high-quality work will help you build a strong reputation on Fiverr and attract new clients. Embrace the opportunity to learn and improve from any feedback, whether positive or negative, as it can help you grow as a freelancer and deliver even better results in the future.

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