How to Rank a DE-Ranked Fiverr Gig? A Practical Guide

Are you facing issues regarding your Gig's ranking? Then, you must not update your Gigs correctly. I am going to share some tips and a full guide that will help you a lot to rank your De-ranked Gig. Here is a step-by-step practical guide for you on how to re-rank your De-ranked Gig on Fiverr.

Send Buyer Request Daily

Send Buyer requests daily will help you to increase your impressions and views. Winning or not winning buyer requests doesn’t matter; sending buyer requests will help you to get clicks and impressions and rank your de-ranked gig. It wouldn’t affect your seller profile. Also, it will facilitate you to get more orders that you want. Sending buyer requests is a potential place to compete for sales.

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Drive customer from social media

You can drive customers from social media such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more to get orders and clicks. Countless posts people share in Facebook groups; you can communicate with clients there and ask them to pay you on Fiverr. Similarly, you can drive clients from other social media like Instagram pages LinkedIn company pages. You have to follow the strategy of communicating and ask them to pay you on Fiverr Gig. Clicks on your gigs will help you to rank your gig. When social media clients contact you on Fiverr, they click on your gig, see your portfolios, and then order. More clicks mean more orders so keep consistent and don’t lose hope.

Share your Gigs on social media.

You can share your gigs on social media. Explain your expertise and get clicks and impressions to stop the de-ranking of your gigs. You can share your gig links also, create a personal YouTube channel or Facebook page, or group to get orders and traffic to your gig. Sharing your gig on social media is an effective way but do it smartly. By following our tricks, you’ll definitely get orders and your gig will get clicks and impressions that’ll support you to step out from the Fiverr sandbox.

Buy orders from other countries' profiles.

You can buy orders from social media platforms to rank your gig. Many people post such offers on social media or, you can post on social media accounts that you need some orders

from different countries' profiles. No honey, no money. You have to invest if you want to get out of such a crucial situation (de-ranked gig). Many people from different countries are offering paid orders. Find them, contact them, and get orders.

 Get Clicks and impressions.

The main thing that you should keep in your mind, get clicks and impressions to rank your gig again. By following the above tricks and tips, you will get clicks and impressions, and that’s all you need to rank your de-ranked gig again in the Fiverr search engine. Good clicks and impressions score can be beneficial for you so, apply the above tricks to get more orders and money. You will get back your ranking.

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Zeshan Abdullah

Asian, Father, Level 2 seller on Fiverr with more than 8 years experience in writing and developing custom solutions. Love to help #NewFreelancers.

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