How to Become a Level 1 Seller Within Just 2 Months

There are some requirements to become a Fiverr Level 1 seller. The promotion of level is a programmed cycle. Fiverr reviews its sellers' presentation of the most recent 60 days, and if Fiverr satisfies the prerequisites, he/she will get Level one on Fiverr.

Are you want to become a level one seller on Fiverr. In this instructional article, we share those necessities, points of interest, and a few hacks to become Fiverr Level One Seller.

Advantages of Becoming a Level One Seller

As referenced before, there are a couple of advantages when you jump on this level. We should investigate those now.

  • Level 1 seller has the accessibility of 10 active Gigs
  • 4 Gig Extras
  • 10 Gig multiples
  • Level 1 seller can also send custom offers that are up to $5000
  • Earning Clearance in just 14 days
  • Eligibility to be in the promotional listing of Fiverr

 How you can become a Level 1 seller. Follow these tricks for becoming a level 1 seller.

  1. Dedicate your Full-an ideal opportunity to Fiverr

Spending more time on Fiverr can help with Gig ranking in the query items. We agree that this mentality probably won't be adjustable with your way of life and everyday schedules, yet doing this in free hours of the day or any time that suits you. It will be a pleasant change in your rankings.

  1. SEO Friendly Gigs

Additionally, ensure your Gig is optimized in a friendly way to show up in the buyers' search results. The greater visibility your Gig has, the more income you will get. Here, become familiar with making SEO-friendly Gigs. Figure out how to make a Fully Optimized Gig on Fiverr.

Requirements to Become Fiverr Level One Seller

From the start, we should view the requirements.

  • Active for 60 Days

The sellers should be highly active on Fiverr throughout the previous 60 days.

  • Ten finished Orders

The sellers should have finished any ten requests at any rate. It doesn't make a difference if you've accomplished over the most recent 60 days or not (i.e., can be unmatched).

  • $400 Earnings

Additionally, the sellers are preferred who have achieved in any event a $400 dealing with Fiverr. Not especially over the most recent 60 days.

  • 4.8 Ratings

The buyer's evaluations on the finished requests should be 4.8 on Fiverr.

  • 90% Response Rate

The reaction rate should be more prominent than or equivalent to 90% while reacting to the buyer's messages.

  • The reaction rate is a reacting level of up to the number of messages that must have given a reply.
  • 90% Orders Completion

You probably have finished 90% of set requests over the last two months.

  • 90% Without Delayed Delivery

This point is perhaps the most ranking element to make you a Fiverr Level One seller as soon as possible. Pursuing this, you should have at least 90% of requests delivered on scheduled time.

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Asian, Father, Level 2 seller on Fiverr with more than 8 years experience in writing and developing custom solutions. Love to help #NewFreelancers.

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