Earn More than $500 on Fiverr without any prior experience.

You can sell anything. Offering guidance, singing a melody, planning a site, or anything that you are master in, may sell on Fiverr. I have seen countless odd and entertaining Fiverr gigs out there that have over 100 requests for every one of them.

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Gigs that require no experience

  • Data Entry

If you want to earn on Fiverr and have no prior experience related to any field then, you should go for data entry Gigs. Data entry gig doesn't require technical skill or experience. All you need is to be punctual and have a good managing personality. Manage your routine and schedule to achieve good reviews. Data entry Gigs can generate good income.

  • Virtual Assistant

If you have good management, communication, and organizational skills then you should go for the virtual assistant category on Fiverr, where you can get a good income just for helping your client in their work. Doing what you’re asked to do, that’s it. And you will get paid a handsome amount for this job. There are dozens of virtual assistants working online on Fiverr and other platforms so if you are thinking of earning without any technical skill then you can make a virtual assistant gig.

  • Social Media Management

If you use Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter every day, you can make this gig without much effort. It is one of the most demanding Fiverr gigs out there that won't get exhausted from it.

Social Media Management is, as a rule, includes making a few posts and becoming your customer's Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter account handler. You could charge around $20-$30 for a month-long service when beginning. 

  • Whiteboard Animation

People wouldn't have thought about this service in the list of simple Fiverr gigs.

Whiteboard animation isn't as difficult as you thought. There is a lot of programming out there that makes this work so much simpler and you could make a video in pretty much 1-3 hours.

The one I would suggest utilizing is Doodly. It's an outstanding software amongst all other apps for making these sorts of recordings.

You could charge more than $30-$50 for every video.

  • Do a Voice-over for recording.

YouTubers or other video creators might be searching for individuals who may do voice-overs for their recordings.

On the off chance that you have a decent accent in any one language, that would be sufficient.

You can charge $5 for 200 words when beginning. Remember to expand your cost since I have seen a few people charging over $30 for only 50 words

  • Translator

Do you know any two languages in an OK-ish way? Offer this administration you could achieve somewhere in the range of $5 per gig.

This service includes audio, video translating, or maybe documents.

 Smart Tip:

When beginning to sell on Fiverr, start by offering your services at $5. At the point when you are new, nobody is going to purchase your gig if valued above $10. You need to develop your clients slowly and then increment your cost as you go on. Now here is the list of the gig with some detail.

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Zeshan Abdullah

Asian, Father, Level 2 seller on Fiverr with more than 8 years experience in writing and developing custom solutions. Love to help #NewFreelancers.

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