Are the Gig clicks and favorites work in ranking the Fiverr GIG? A practical guide

Fiverr works like a search engine. Let’s discuss Google. If a website gets more visitors then Google will show the website top in the search results. Similarly, Fiverr depends on the keywords, and clicks on the Gigs show results.

1  Gig Favorites

Although Gig means, an individual adds your Gig to his top picks (favorites), it shows that he may pick you for a request, which can likewise help get higher rankings but this is not a one day period if a gig receiving daily favorites then Fiverr show the gig in the top of the search results.

2  Gig Clicks

Gig clicks (clicks, impressions, and views) can help sellers to rank their Gigs without any special preparation. The recently shown up Gigs own no qualities like reviews, ratings, and requests. Yet, the thing is you see a few Gigs ranking on the Fiverr top pages is their click ratio. This is the most amazing thing you can get buyer activity without any reviews on your profile.

3  Gig click and favorites work in ranking the Fiverr GIG

Gig ranking is determined with a calculation that is known to a couple of individuals in the Fiverr organization.

The ratio of impressions/clicks/views and most significantly with reviews is the special information that is necessarily utilized in that calculation.

4  Time spent on the Platform

As per the most recent Fiverr calculation, the Gigs got most rankings whose sellers invested quite a lot of their energy in Fiverr. You may likewise have seen your Gig remaining on the Main Page, and after an hour passes, it goes to the previous page. The explanation is not enough, yet you were offline for that hour.

Seller Profile

Having an attractive Seller profile is likewise an essential factor in ranking the Gigs. Each buyer, before going to submit a request, consistently visits the seller’s profile and checks the details. Having an outstanding Fiverr profile tells your buyers that you are an expert with some special services. This factor can likewise support Gig in the matter of rankings in seconds.

Extra Suggestions:

  • Keywords are the 1st condition for impressions - > clicks - > views. (basically Ranking) so try to use relevant keywords.
  • Reviews regularly assist sellers with getting more requests. With the quality of an attractive gig, dependable profile, a bit of patience, and luck one can get a request without ranking the gig.
  • This tip is not that good but you can also go through it for the sake of rankings.
  • Search for the less competitive services on Fiverr whose sellers are lesser or any service that is not available before. You can offer that and competition will be low and a higher ranking could be achieved.


These were a few factors that Fiverr used to choose the ranking of the Gig. By paying attention to these factors most importantly on gig clicks and gig favorites, you can improve your Gig rankings and Sales, which is our definitive objective of dealing with Fiverr.

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Zeshan Abdullah

Asian, Father, Level 2 seller on Fiverr with more than 8 years experience in writing and developing custom solutions. Love to help #NewFreelancers.

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