Chief Executive Officer at Level Sports: Transforming Visions into Victories


Company Description

Mechanism is an early-stage venture firm that partners with entrepreneurs to launch and scale ambitious companies.

In our model, we work to identify and validate opportunities before launching each startup. We then provide the growth expertise to drive early traction as well as the business support to establish positive unit economics, profitability, and scale.

In addition to investment and strategic guidance, we offer extensive operational support for our startups in critical areas, including Growth Marketing, Product, Operations, People, Finance, and Legal. Our in-house experts are at the top of their fields and are here to provide world-class support to help our startups get off the ground and scale.

Our team has a track record of cofounding and investing in multiple companies with $100M+ revenue.

Position Description

Level Sports, Inc. is a profitable Mechanism portfolio company that produces high-quality PrimePutt putting mats, allowing golfers to train in their homes on the same surface used by PGA professionals.

As the CEO of Level Sports, Inc., you will be responsible for scaling the existing profitable foundation and leveraging it to build a large and impactful sporting goods company that helps millions of people do more of what they love. You will be responsible for the entire business, including P&L ownership, board management, physical product operations and development, growth marketing, hiring and managing a core team, and an ultimate liquidity event, whether that be an M&A or an IPO.

Initially, you will be the primary person executing most tasks and day-to-day work to scale operations. Multiple logistics contractors and the Mechanism team of industry-leading growth experts are engaged and ready to support you from day one, and you will have the ability to hire contractors or full-time staff members to assist in key areas as you see fit. You’re an ideal candidate if you enjoy being hands-on while driving operational excellence and developing a deep understanding of the business.

However, your role will quickly evolve. You will be responsible for rapidly scaling the organization, building a leadership team, and using the profitable foundation to unlock new areas for exponential growth.

As the CEO, you will have access to Mechanism’s in-house Practice Areas for operational support across Growth, Product, Engineering, Design, Operations, People, Finance, and Legal. Our in-house experts are at the top of their fields and are here to provide world-class strategic guidance and execution.

Additionally, you will participate as a member of the company’s board of directors.

What You’ll Do

  • Own and be accountable for rapid growth and the business P&L.
  • Oversee and execute day-to-day operations, including inventory and supplier management, management of our warehouse and third-party logistics team, and ensuring customer satisfaction. You’ll need to be comfortable doing most of the work yourself at first and then bringing in resources when the time is right.
  • Manage all supplier relationships, including nylon turf production, rubber and plastic parts injection molding, woodworking, and more.
  • Own and develop the strategic vision of the business in coordination with the board of directors.
  • Brainstorm, strategize, scope, and execute numerous growth marketing initiatives to help drive business growth and learning. This will include paid media, organic, affiliate, and retention marketing.
  • Design operational and testing frameworks to identify and optimize growth campaigns that improve efficiency and scale.
  • Manage growth analytics and insight tools to drive performance across all funnels.
  • Identify, test, and scale new customer acquisition channels.

Who You Are

  • You love driving growth. From big-picture strategic ideation to diving hands-on into the weeds to optimize a Google Ads campaign or tweak and test a creative design, you wake up excited about unlocking new paths to hypergrowth every day.
  • You are passionate about learning and constantly growing your expertise in every possible growth area, including paid media, organic and paid social, SEO, partnerships, growth product, and retention marketing.
  • You are ready to bet big on yourself. You’d rather take big swings and big risks than settle into the mundane safety of being a cog in an established corporate process.
  • You embrace, rather than fear, risk and change. You want to break new ground and disrupt the world of sports e-commerce.
  • You are not above tackling small challenges head-on, but you also know how to delegate and onboard support when doing so is advantageous.
  • You are a natural leader of people. You can make complicated things simple and foster an environment of rapid execution, learning, and fun.
  • You are entrepreneurial and relentlessly resourceful.
  • You are genuine and bring an enthusiastic, professional demeanor. We have a very strict no-jerk policy and do not tolerate intellectual arrogance.
  • You have excellent communication skills.
  • You have a test-and-learn mindset as businesses and markets evolve.

What You’ll Bring

  • Demonstrated experience building businesses and leading teams.
  • Skill in recruiting, leading, and coaching team members.
  • Experience driving operational excellence at scale.
  • Deep expertise across all growth marketing areas mentioned above (paid media, organic and paid social, SEO, partnerships, growth product, and retention marketing). You’ve played the part of a full-stack performance marketer and understand how to engineer rapid business growth.
  • Deep analytical and strategic expertise across growth modeling, funnel optimization, A/B testing, growth product, and digital marketing.
  • Analytical and data-driven background, with a proven ability to extract valuable insights and narratives from large data sets.
  • Experience working with physical product design and production, global supply chain management, and logistics is a strong plus.
  • Passion for the game of golf is a strong plus. You’re ready to explain why you’re passionate about this product and the future of PrimePutt.

What to Expect

This role will change substantially as the business scales. You will need to be in the day-to-day, hands-on, and responsible for executing across all business areas. As the business grows, you will need to build a team to support that scale and spend more time managing the business to produce excellent outcomes. Thus, being highly adaptable and flexible is critical to be successful in this role. However, we’d like to share a general idea of the direct impact you could make within the first three months on the

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