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Fiverr WordPress Skill Test Answers 2022 – Fiverr WordPress Test Question Answers

fiverr wordpress skill test answers 2021
Fiverr WordPress Test Questions Answers 9/10 Solution
Here are the answers of all that 40 Questions. You can get 10/10 marks with these answers.

Fiverr WordPress 4.1 Skill Test Answers

1. Which of the following block sites can be imported into WordPress

Blogspot2. can you import content from Joomla or mambo site into WordPress

Yes3. Which of the below functions is required to create a new taxonomy

Register_taxonomy4. Where can Google Adsense be integrated into WordPress blog?

Anywhere5. Who of the following persons can read a post locked by password?

Registered users who knows password6. Which of the following files must be deleted after installing WordPress 4.1?

None of these7. ______ can write their own post but publisher or delete them. Their HTML, is limited to the set of allowed to the set of allowed tags and they cannot upload media files

Contributor8. Is the funcation.php file required in each theme in the WordPress 4.1 Website?

No9. User level 0 converts to____?

10. Can you create specific theme file for a custom content type?

Yes11. After moving a WordPress 4.1 site to a new host, if you change your sites URL, you have to update your posts and pages to correct paths to the uploaded media files.

True12. In Order to display a widget, the user must

Drag the desired widget to the side bar13. What is the limitation to the depth of your categories?

No limit levels14. Which of the following actions must be fixed after importing data into WordPress?

All of the above15. What is the right color (by priority in use) to display taxonomies in template hierarchy?

Taxonomy – {taxonomy}-{term}.php,taxonomy-{taxonomy}.php, taxonomy.php, archive.php, index,php16. In WordPress 4.1, which of the following theme file can be used customize the “page not found error” error page?

404.php17. User level 10 converts to _____?

18. You want to schedule a backup of your site database but do not have enough permission to access your host. Which of the following choices can help you perform this task?

Install “ wp database backup” plug-in19. Which of the following are the minimum standards that server should support for WordPress 4.1?

PHP version 5.0 or greater and MySQL version 5.1 or greater20. from which version of WordPress can you choose your username during the installing process?

21. Which of the following actions must be performed before enabling the network feature?
Deactivate your plugins
22. What is the name of theme for a page with id ‘3’?
23. Which of the following files are required for completing your theme?
Index.php and style.css
24. On which of the following database can WordPress 4.1 be installed by default?

MySQL25. Can you move your wp-content folder elsewhere or rename it to something else without changing any setting?

No26. _____ can do anything in the WordPress administration area, write edit and delete post, page, links and comments; upload media files of any type import content manage the Dashboard; create edit and delete other users; enable and configure plugins and theme; changes the site’s theme, and manage all the available options

Administrator27. Conditional tags can be used to _______________

Change the content to be displayed
28. The “function_exists()” function can be used to check whether a plug-in is activated or not

true29. ___________ can publish, edit and delete their own posts. The cannot write pages. They can upload some kinds of media files, and they are allowed to use only the limited set of HTML tags.

Author30. You can limit the number of revisions WordPress stores by________

Adding the following line to your wp-config.php file: define(‘WP_POST_REVISIONS’, 3); Using a plugin
31. Using _________is a good way to ensure that a WordPress site is indexed by search engines
32. Which of the following actions must be performed before upgrading WordPress?
A,b and c
33. What is the right color (by priority in use)to display category in Template Hierarchy?
Category – {slug}.php, category{id}.php. category.php. archive.php, index.php
34. To manually make the sidebar widget-ready, the user must___________
Modify the sidebar.php file
35. Which of the following tasks should be performed before installing any plugin?
Verify that plugin can be installed on your version of WordPress & is compatible with the current theme
36. What is the first action you need to take for enabling WordPress 4.1 MU Feature?
Add this code to wp-config.php file define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’,true);
37. Can you set individual password for each post?
Yes38. The date/time format of a WordPress site can be changed in __________
Admin settings
39. Can you move your wp-config.php file to the parent directory without changing any setting?
Yes provided that you are installing WordPress in your web root directory
40. What is the name of theme file for a page with slug ‘about’?


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